Felt Bicycles warranty is no warranty at all (for me)

Last year I wanted to buy a Felt B16 in Spain, but as the distributor went bankrupt it was a challenge to have one. I spoke with the European distributor and did not help telling me to call every shop in Europe because they didn't know the stocks in the shops (that's ok, but a hint would have helped). The european distributor told me that even if I decided to buy the bike from Profirad.de I would have been covered by warranty as Profirad.de was an autorized dealer (Felt explicitly says there are no warranty for bikes sold in internet).

I finally bought a 2009 Felt B2 from Evans Cycles in UK, also a Felt autorized dealer, because they had my size and a strong discount (I live in Barcelona, more than a thousand kilometers away).
After an Ironman 226 and 70.3 I'm happy overall but the steering system-fork-stem (the famous Bayonet fork) has caused many problems (and I'm not the only one, there are lots of complaints in internet about this problem). On May I took the bike to my local dealer (this year we do have a spanish distributor) to fix the stem but Felt (Spanish distributor, European distributor and global headquarters) offered no warranty solution as my local dealer wasn't the original dealer where I purchased the bike (I have not tried to take the bike to Evans Cycles, the original dealer, as is two countries away). I couldn't even buy a stem replacement of a faulty design that lasted only one year! I had an almost 3000 € bike with a faulty stem and no solution.
This will definitely be my last Felt Bike and I will no longer recommend Felt. Sadly.

Finally, a solution
The Splined Shaft / Knuckle
After some efforts from my Felt dealer mechanic who was awainting a solution from Felt, I was given back the bike. I tried to imagine how to unscrew the stem as the Splined Shaft / Knuckle was locked. some trial-and-error ended up with me breaking the Splined Shaft / Knuckle. Well I must say luckily breaking this part in two: the Splined Shaft and the Knucle (actually two parts of different alloy), so I could remove it from the stem base pulling it out in the other direction. When I had everything dismantled I smoothed out any imperfections with a thin file until every piece seemed to fit nicely (in my opinion the Splined Shaft is made of an aluminium alloy too soft). I slightly greased the pieces and mounted the stem. I only added one thing before locking the stem extension with the Knucle: a piece of high density rubber between the stem extension and the stem base in order to minimize movement. I could do it because I have the stem in the lowerest position, about 2 mm over the stem base.
If you find hard to imagine what I'm saying you can read the Assembly instructions of the Bayonet I and SL fork from Felt.

So now I have a full working bike again (tested in a 70.3 triathlon again) and I think is the stiffest setup of this fork-direction I've ever had. The question is: how long will this solution last?

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